La Bottega Nicastro

📍Location: Downtown Rideau/ByWard Market

Italian Grocer, Sandwich Bar, Catering

Ask any Ottawa resident and they’ll tell you that La Bottega Nicastro is a staple in the ByWard Market. Born and raised in Ottawa, Owner Pat Nicastro is a fifth-generation food merchant who is an integral part of the local community - working hard to bring a slice of Italy to our city.

During the past two years, La Bottega has been fortunate enough to make it through multiple closures and lost revenue despite the pandemic. However, with the recent Downtown protests forcing the business to close its doors again, it has only intensified the existing stress and uncertainties they were already experiencing.

So, how can you support one of Ottawa’s most iconic grocers? Make sure to stop by La Bottega during your next visit to the market! With great take-out options and all you need to make an authentic Italian meal, you’re sure to find something you’ll love!

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